Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds ( Lotus Flower)

This will be my last submission on the theme of Rule of Thirds.

I have always loved lotus flowers.10498272_10203310684501067_4755776037923312833_o

They always look serene and meditative.

The photo with the flower on the left third was taken by my classmate YM Chan.

Please enjoy 🙂

Zen and the Lotus Flower

DSC_0589B” From within the lotus flower grows, up through the mud and the muck bypassing all that threatens to taint its emerging beauty and glory. Then it springs forth without spot or stain opening to the world around it to become a new light. This is the lotus flower and it comes from within you, it is the flower of the Buddha, your inner Buddha.”

Venerable Retsuzen Shikata 2011