Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( China)

Screen doors or windows are quite common in China.

We were up in the mountains of Zhangzhejia, China.

In fact, we got into a  restaurant and trying to stay there as long as possible as a heavy fog has set in.007

I have nothing to do and naturally grapped my camera and took a shot out of the screen window.

My visibility was only a few feet; all I could see was some trees just outside the window.

The second picture was a casual shot outside a temple in Yunnan.DSCF2873

There was a long grid of red columns outside the temple.

Also, there was a grid of squares up on the roof, all artistically painted.

The third picture shows a grid of screen doors in the Hanging Temple in Datong.DSCF2448

These doors are very old but not adequately maintained.

The fourth picture was again taken in Yunnan.

We were having tea in a tea house overviewing Lijiang.

The view outside the screen windows was just beautiful.DSC_0179

The fifth picture was taken in Luoping.

This shows a display of various types of screens in a typical Chinese room commonly found at the time.DSCF3025

The last one was taken within a temple which we stopped by in the Three Gorges cruise trip.

The picture shows the grid of columns supporting the temple roof, as well as the grid of patterns on the colorful roof.DSCF6255


From these pictures, it could be seen that the Oriental type of grid can be quite different from the Western ones.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped ( in Mist)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Enveloped.

Many times when we were up on the mountains, we were enveloped or engulfed in mist.Zhang J J 24

The photo, taken in Zhangzhejia, shows one of these occasions.

It is quite moody and reflects how I felt at the time.


Clouds & Mountains (Zhangzheijia 1)

Sometime ago, I showed a series of clouds and mountains at Huangshan, China; that has attracted a big response. many readers thought they were perfect!

We have been to  Zhangzhaijie, China before. It was the mountains there which inspired Avatar.

However, we have never been able to capture sunrise and the sea of clouds with the limestone columns.

All we saw was misty, and to say the truth, a bit gloomy view of the mountains.10415722_969586896391784_4792825689246188239_n

Here is a photo provided by my university classmate Mr. YM Chan. This shows the clouds and Zhangzhejia in all its glory!

It is surreal too. Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (of the Mist)

Have always been fascinated by mist and high mountains.

It is more extraordinary when mist comes in quickly.

While standing on the tall mountains of Zhangzhejia in China, overviewing the trees in front, the mist advanced.DSC_0044

It came in from between the mountains and engulfed some trees and rock masses in front making them no longer visible.

It looked as if the mist was playing magic; hiding objects from before our very eyes!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top ( Zhangzhejia, China)

My Avatar dreams have led me visiting Zhangzhejia in China where  a sea of stone columns just rise amazingly from the ground!

This, to me, looks like a general with a helmet on his head.DSC_0173

What is more amazing is that there are trees on top of the “helmet”!!