Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur (Zhangjiajie)

This week’s theme is Blur.

Don’t think it is a good idea to show a picture which is totally and uniformly blur.

Think there should be a good contrast between parts which are blur and parts which are clear.DSC_0095

Here is a picture taken in Zhangjiajie, China when there was heavy mist.

It shows a limestone column jutting out of the mist, trees on top of the column are clearly seen whereas the background is basically blurred by the mist.

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth ( at Zhangzhejie)

<This post contains 2 photos>

I need two photos to illustrate Depth at Zhangzhejie, China.

The problem is that even if I use a wide angle lens, it can only show the breadth or the depth of the stone pillars and the adjacent mountains.

To show both the breadth and the depth, maybe, I need shooting from a helicopter.DSC_0132

The first picture is in landscape format, it shows the setting of the “Avatar” stone column.

Whereas, the second picture, in portrait format, shows part of the stone column but misses out on the adjacent mountains.DSC_0131

So, by now, you may understand what I mean when I said I am not unable to use one photo to show the depth and the breadth of the scenery.