Work Published Elsewhere

4.1. As featured photographer in JUNSJAZZ Images & Inspiration Issue #7 on Minimalism

2. Featured as a Blogger / Photographer in the Indie Scribe Magazine September 2013 issue

3. You can also find me at Fine Art America

4.  Won the Best Photo Blog 2017 as voted by the readers of the NepaliAustralian’s Blog

NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2017 WINNERS Announced

56 thoughts on “Work Published Elsewhere

  1. Wow! That was awesome! Congratulations, and I will always remember your line – I shoot from my heart. I like that! Have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulations, Michael! You are too modest. Your photographs are as good if not better then professionals but I think you are qualified as a professional. Your writing in a second language has not hindered you from expressing. I am so informed by the script on your posts. Your photos take me to countries I have not been. I’m so happy to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing, from your heart 😀

  3. I have so enjoyed this page, Michael. I was excited to read that your career was in civil engineering – if I could have my time over, I would love to have been an engineer and designed beautiful bridges, and you’ve done it! Your photography is stunning and it’s lovely to see someone get such joy from doing something they love.

    • Hi, nice to meet you through the blogosphere. Glad that you like the pages about me – this is the first time I have actually wrote something about myself (apart from CVs ). Have a great week 🙂

  4. Hi Michael. I have seen notices of your many posts these long months, but have not let myself look. Today, I looked at your “one boat” photos and my spirit was touched by your eye as it always is. I get notice of your posts in my email box. I regularly delete email, but I always uncheck the notices of your posts so they aren’t deleted. Sometime, when my eyes can focus and my mind is clear to learn from your work, I will review them all. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of my blog. You are a good soul, as well as a great photographer.

    • Many thanks for the message. I am flattered to hear that you like my various posts and have spend them perusing them. It is comments like this which give me the strength to carry on with blogging. Hope to hear more from you and happy holidays!

    • I think we passed through several stages in our photography – first shooting it from our brain, then shoot it from our hearts. I hope I can shoot from my heart always. Many thanks for the comment and have a great week ahead!

  5. sorry I take so long to post my comments, I am in college full time struggling with statistics at age 47- I have a 20 yr old daughter, I working full time in Security plus other book reviews I do for authors…I love your site! Thanks for always stopping over at my blog too, your friend from USA Jackie ♥

  6. Shooting from the heart. That’s a very nice way to put it. You’re very humble in saying you’re no professional photographer, my goodness, what does it makes the rest of us, haha! But kidding aside, I’ve always admired your work and you inspire me even more now knowing that you can still take great photos with ‘modest’ equipment. I’ve always envied those with amazing cameras and stuff, I’m like they’re getting better photos cuz they have better equipment. I guess you’re right, beautiful photos and memorable captures could happen when you shoot them from the heart. 🙂

  7. I work at sixty eight years old. I work at Lego Land Florida. You are correct children especially try to squeeze into tight places. We have numerous bars on some of our structures and they try to squeeze their heads between them.

  8. Hello Michael, thank you for the likes here and there. I’d never given your blog a proper look before but just did now… I love what you said about retirement (I’m one older kid:) and love your photography.

    • Great to hear from you, Julie! I am glad that you spend time looking through my blog, I have not written anything on retirement for a long time, looks like I should try writing my current thoughts on retirement after retiring for nearly 4 years 🙂

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