The Cappadocia Picture

There are many photos I can chose from Cappadocia, Turkey as the place is photogenic.

The one I like best was taken towards the end of the day when the tourists have left the place.

With nobody around, it looks quite surreal and moody.CIMG0384A

The path leads your eyes to the forest of stone columns and the clouds were adding to the mood.

It looks as somewhere out of the world!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Reservoir )

This week’s DP Photo Challenge is Harmony.

This morning, we went for a walk at the Plover Cove Reservoir.

We walked along the dam separating the sea from the reservoir.IMG_1667

We were met by this view which to me is so harmonious.

There was a complete harmony between the sky, the clouds, the far away hills, the reflection and the people fishing on the shore!

Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( Abandoned Fish Pond )

Located in the northern part of the New Territories, Hong Kong is a fish pond which has been there for as far as I can remember.

It was a spot of great scenery and liked by many picnic goers.CIMG0428A

The fish pond has long since been abandoned as locally reared fishes are no longer competitive in prices.

This is a picture taken at one of the fish ponds.

Basically, it is abandoned; although it still has its beauty – it is more of melancholy or in a sad state.

That was how I saw it when I was last there.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Ghost Town)

Bodie in Calfornia is a town frozen in time in a “state of arrested decay”.

It is  originally a mining town from the late 1800’s.DSCF3541

What’s left today stands in a state of “arrested decay” and is maintained by the California State Parks System, who took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park.DSCF3527

It is a stunning experience to visit this town with many things reminding you of the past.

Abandoned houses, abandoned shops which still have something still displayed in the shop windows.DSCF3531

Abandoned cars which remind you that they were once in a good working condition.

Photographing abandoned houses in HK is one of my favorite activities; I enjoy going around photographing them.DSCF3580

These photos were taken by my wife while travelling in North California.

It is a trip I have sorely missed as I have to stay at home with more important things to deal with.

Hope I will have a chance to visit it one day.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Angkor)

I felt I have stepped back in time when I visited Angkor, Cambodia.IMGP1172A

This image has been changed to Black and White to strengthen that sense of timelessness.

This is such an unique place on earth that I would like to revisit again.