Weekly Photo Challenge : Unusual POV

This week’s challenge is “Unusual Point of View“.

The first view was taken from a sampan. We were travelling through a limestone sea cave in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Inside the cave, my eyes, and my camera were directed to the rugged and dark surfaces of the sea cave. Natural light eventually came through when we were approaching the other end of the sea cave. DSC_0181

It was a moment of contrasting beauty – we have the dark rock surface on the left, transiting into a colorful layered rock on the right and through this, we have light at the end of the cave revealing the  marshy area outside.

The second view was taken from down under in the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.DSC_0247

The temple has sort of skylight so as to allow sunlight coming in.

I was viewing the sky from deep down; as if I was viewing it from a well. The stone blocks forming the four sides of the well are rough textured, non uniform and quite crude.

I was glad that I wasn’t stuck forever in a deep well!

132 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unusual POV

  1. Fantastic shots. The first one has a very magical and an unusual effect. It almost looks like a place out of this world. I think you captured the light and dark ares smartly. Very ethereal. The second shot is also very amazing and thank God you were not stuck forever in the deep well, it would have been a very scary experience 🙂 Thanks for sharing lovely photos with us.

    • Glad that you like both photos. The first one was chosen from a series of photos I took while going through the sea cave and it was the most interesting shot. Thank you 🙂

    • Good that you like the second one too; it appears most readers like the first ; I must admit that the second one looks too square off and monotonic. Thank you 🙂

  2. The photograph in the sea cave is stunning! It looks like a precious moment of peace and beauty.
    ‘I was glad that I wasn’t stuck forever in a deep well!’ You would have to learn to rock-climb pretty quickly. 😀 My eyes weren’t drawn upwards towards the light in this one, but too the lovely patterns on the stone.

    • With the stones jutting in and out, I suppose there are quite a few places that you can ledge onto the rock and make the ascent. This may be a good place for training rock climbing! Regards, Michael

  3. I love both images. The transition from the dark textures of the cave to the vivid daylight colours really draws the eye through the picture. The rough texture of the stone blocks in the second image make them look almost more like the ends of timbers than stone. Fascinating.

    • I guess that the lines you see at the end of the stones on the second photo is related how they split the stone into the sizes they want. They may have used chisel / sharp objects at a number of places to split the rock resulting in the ‘timber’ pattern. Regards, Michael

  4. Looking at your photos always makes me want to grab my rucksack and head on out to see if I can find equivalent spaces of my own. Your images are a joy and a temptation.

  5. I like the contrasting colors and textures of water and rocks, as well as doorways and windows from one visual space to another. We will be traveling along the central California (USA) coast this week. I shall be practicing my techniques with these images.

  6. Every time I enter your blog I’m amazed at the ability you have to find and photograph beautiful things. When I think that there can’t be a more beautiful place, you always have a photo that shows me that the world has incredible places. Thank you very much for discover with your camera discover those places that without you, my eyes would not have the luck, contemplate

  7. Really, really beautiful! Breathtakingly, beautiful! God’s wonders always inspire awe! Thank you so much for sharing such beauty!

  8. I know…”now”, that you Mr. Lai, have that secret, sacred, link with nature, to know where, and when to be, at the right time, to capture the hatching of the most beautiful , and suggestive moments in natures language. “Congratulations”, and “God Bless”.

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