The Four Seasons

This has got to be the piece of baroque music I listen to most.

In particular, I like Winter.

Of all the Four Seasons records I listened, the one played by Janine Jansen as solo violinist has caught my ears, it was played with so much passion and character. . . . . . and perhaps redefine how this piece of music should be played.

Her music is authentic and her performances so lively,  stunning and full of energy. She is sometimes rather adventurous, with emphasis on emotional accents more than on precision or adherence to the scores. In art, we don’t only want precision.

There are good reasons why she has become the Queen of Downloads for iTune classical music.

Listening to her solo violin has really made this cold winter much more bearable!

Janine Jansen: Vivaldi – Winter – Wild Life

For those who are  interested in actually viewing her phenomenal performance with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, please also see

Janine Jansen – Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64

A young female violinist star is born!