Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (2)

The beauty of the windows at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul in Turkey is beyond description.


I can’t refrain myself from further posting on this Challenge!

On a completely different scale, different culture and setting, I am also showing the view outside a Chinese window in West Lake.CIMG1124

Please enjoy πŸ™‚

63 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window (2)

  1. Every time I see one (or more) of your marvelous photos I think to myself with more than a touch of envy what a remarkable life you must have had. i know you worked very hard. But the thing it seems that was different about you (as opposed to many people I have known who have traveled the world and worked very hard) is that you took time to see what there was to see around you and even better to take photos of it that you are now so generously sharing with us. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Rob, many thanks for your kind words and the continued support. I am posting because of people responding to my posts – you certainly is one of them. Thank you!

  2. And please don’t. I adore windows and am enjoying your international flare on this challenge. I have a lot of windows too, but they are tucked away on a disk somewhere and I didn’t get them out in time.

  3. Beautiful picture of the Blue mosque! I don’t remember it being so bright when I visited it. Thanks for capturing its beauty. Did you get a picture of Hagia Sofia? Thanks for taking me back to one of my most memorable moment!

    • Hi James, I added saturation to the picture to make it look more colorful. I also have photos of Hagia Sofia which I may show at a later day. Thanks for the perusal and the comment πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ruth, I like yours too! I think I can continue forever with Windows πŸ™‚ However, a new challenge has just started and I think it’s time that I should stop. Have a great week πŸ™‚

    • Good plan for us, to stop and move into the next Challenge. I was surprised how often I am shooting windows or through them. I never got to the gallery Through My car Window. Always enjoy stopping by your blog Michael.

  4. I love both .. but how you caught the two flamingos or what ever it can through the window.
    Only 4 months left and I’m in Istanbul, so excited. *smile

  5. Hello, thank you so very much for such beautiful photos!i am a Turkish, i’m so glad to see you in Turkey !! Blue Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world…..simply just magnificent ❀

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