10 thoughts on “Flowers for Mom on the International Women Day- Down the memory lane in the Flower Market

  1. A nice remembrance of your mum on this day! You are a good son Michael and I am sure she is blessing you from Heaven above. I hope over time, you healed and will celebrate your late mum’s life.

    • Thanks for your kind words.
      I know mom would like me leading a good life and I will work towards that.
      I understand we all work in cycles, her term has come to an end and her pain has gone. God gave her her life and He has taken it back too – and this is part of a normal cycle. There will come a time when my grief will be truly over šŸ™‚

    • I hate mortality and like you, I will feel the pain. It is impossible for one to live forever and life is cyclical as you point out. It is the parting that is such sweet sorrow. Your mum has taught you well as you exude kindness and loyalty. You will make a good husband (your wife and family are very lucky to have you) and friend. Take care Michael and as always, thank you for a lesson in motherly love and its greatness.

    • Yes, parting is most difficult if she has shared many decades with you, cared for you and appreciated the things you did for her.
      Many thanks for your kind words and thoughts šŸ™‚

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