64 comments on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. I enjoy your posts and you say you have no artistic background but you have a good eye for composition in your photos, they are always a pleasure to look at.

    • Hi bulldogsturf, I love reading your posts and hope one day I will travel to see wildlife in Africa. Transitioning from full time employment to full time retirement could be a challenge. Hope you will enjoy your upcoming retirement and thanks for the perusal, Michael

  2. Very nice post. Your wife did a good job too in photography. I had been to the hanging temple, and it is still on my best site list. I also visited Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. It was amazing! The top one, I did not know. What is the name in Chinese?
    I haven’t entered this challenge yet because I couldn’t find any pix like yours. Will see..

    • Hi friendlytm, the top one is HuangLuo Temple, not far from MuTianYu. I have to look through my wife’s photos to get some good ones for the challenge. Hope you will particpate too. Regards, Michael

  3. It’s a joy to also be retired and have the time to read about your many travels. I must also say, it’s a great accomplishment to learn to speak and write in other languages, you do it this with finesse.

    • Hi, I am flattered. I suppose I have to upkeep my English via blogging. As you say, it is a joy to be in retirement finding time to do various things in our new phase of life. Thanks and regards, Michael

  4. Thank you for showing and educating me about China Michael. China has always fascinated me, the countryside, the people, the cities and the culture are all amazing. Your blog is beautiful.

    • Hi Tracy, I didn’t realize until recently that many blogs about China travels are run / set up by China travel agencies and organizations. Naturally, they see it as a business and view things from their perspective and not necessarily from a traveller’s perspective. What I hope to achieve is to show readers the travellers’ perception, highlight some history of the places and add in a bit of my moods and thoughts. I am glad that you enjoy my posts. Thanks very much for your continued perusal and kind comments! Michael

  5. I love your blog Michael and always am interested to hear what you have to say! I guess your wifeis getting used to seeing you from the back these days!! Enjoy your retirement and keep on blogging! Best wishes Karen

    • Thank you Karen for your kind words about my posts. When my wife and I are travelling, what usually happens is that I usually walk ahead and when seeing something interesting, I would stop and take some pictures while my wife continues walking. Knowing I am trailing behind, I would speed up and become ahead of her again. Hopefully, she is not always seeing my back. Oh, the other thing is that every now and then I have to take pictures of her with the beautiful scenery as background. I thought I took better pictures when I was travelling alone as I could think more carefully when I was composing pictures. Thanks so much for your perusal. Best wishes, Michael

  6. Beautifully written! I still have another 20 years of working life to go till retirement, but hoping to retire early and have a chance to travel more.

    • Working can be fun too! Twenty years will go by very rapidly; sometimes I just cannot believe that I am now in full retirement. Wish you all the best in your endeavours before your retirement! Michael

    • Hi Opalla, everyday, I hope I can spend my time in a more meaningful manner. For those people who are still working, I trust their thinking would be the same. I also hope to be inspired by my readers too. Thanks very much for your kind comment! Michael

    • Hi Monochon, I have started the calligraphy lessons but have not been taught how to write my surname which is 黎. Thank you for your continued perusal. Regards, Michael

  7. Blogging keeps us all sane. I wonder when hardworking people say they won’t know what to do after retirement. You’ve shown them the way. I hope to see more pictures of your travels and journals of them. Happy Thanksgiving Michael!

    • I did worry when I first retire. The transition from work to retirement was also not that easy. I am happy with what I am doing at the moment. It is my pleasure to post more interesting articles / photos. Thank you bebs1 for your continued perusal. Best wishes, Michael

  8. Michael, you’re an inspiration in every post and photos. Always a pleasure visiting you.
    You’re living your dream and your create something to share from your dream.
    Pleasure, meeting you, Michael.

    • Hi mindful magpie, a reader Mark Young has just quoted “We don’t stop doing things because we get old, we get old because we stop doing things”. I like that and will live by this quote. I will continue to take the challenge and thank you for your kind comment! Michael

  9. I think it’s a great inspiration and I hope you continue to travel and blog! I write book reviews a lot but I do love travelling too. I’m not sure at this moment I can keep up with two blogs, but who knows? always good to keep options open for a travel blog one day.

    • I am still in the early phase of retirement when physical mobility still allows me to travel. Maybe, when I am getting older, I can only blog! Thanks for the comment!

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