Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines (2)

A couple of blogging friends asked where I have taken the motorway bridge photo showing strong vertical supports and arch in Switzerland for the first foto challenge.CIMG1597

The picture was taken while we were walking across a parallel footbridge which crosses the same wooded valley.  The footbridge is fairly wide with twin masonry towers at the ends. It was sort of an old style suspension bridge with catenary cables stretching between the towers from one end to the other. Strung from the main cables are vertical cables which in turn support the suspended walkway. The picture also shows on the left the upper part of the motorway bridge and some Swiss cottages at the far end. Like other tourists on the footbridge, I was happy capturing some images of the deep valley and the motorway bridge. DSCF1127

The vertical cables appear as a series of vertical lines flanking the walkway. Perhaps, this is better shown on the lower picture. Indeed, both pictures show vertical Lines which are the subject of this photo challenge, although I must admit they are not as impressive as the picture I submitted in my earlier foto challenge.

Back to Lines. . . . . . .  what are they doing here? They are lines in action, transmitting the weight of the footbridge walkway taking the shortest straight paths back to the towers through the cables.  What a clever solution expressed in an artistic form!

22 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines (2)

  1. My uncle once remarked there are no straight lines in nature. Even the rays of the sun are bent. Perhaps you can think of an example, though. As always, beautiful photos. Thanks.

    • Hi Frank, you are correct. In nature there are no straight lines. Straight line is only a concept in geometry; light rays are bent by magnetic fields. Thanks very much for the continued perusal and comment! Michael

  2. Has a real Fairy Tale look, like ‘fe-fi-fo-fum’. Much more interesting than the utilitarian and boring things they whip together today. I suppose money is always the object, shame really. Something like this is an interesting part of the journey rather than just the way to your destination.

    • Some of the old construction do have a lot of aesthetic value and a lot of attention to details; it is true that people nowadays do not spend as much effort on these. Thanks for your always interesting comment! Regards, Michael

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