Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation

This week’s challenge is Saturation.

There are many things around us that would best illustrate Saturation; but as one who loves nature and landscape, I would like to show how nature can be saturated with colors.

The pictures here were all taken in my trip to Shirkawa-go, Japan during the fall some years ago. The colored Autumn foliage just filled up our senses.

The colored foliage in red, yellow and green have saturated the area.

The first two pictures are mid-range pictures which are close enough to show the leaves without showing too much of the branches of the trees.DSC_0184

They are very rich in colors and stand out from the pictures.DSC_0188

The next two pictures give you an idea of the setting of the place.DSC_0202

They show where the foliage are in relation to the stream, the bridges and the nearby landscape.DSC_0189

The last pair of pictures focus on the individual trees. You can see the trees from the “forest”.DSC_0209

Maybe, the best way to describe the scenery is to change somewhat the lyrics of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song”.DSC_0214

You fill up my senses like the trees in the forest, 
Like the streams in autumn time, 
Like a walk in the rain, like a stroll across the hillside, 
Like a sleepy  old village.
You fill up my senses, come fill me again.