More Starry Fall Foliage Photos, South Korea

The maple leaves in South Korea are smaller in size than those I have seen elsewhere.DSCF3403

The many leaves cluttered together did give me the illusion of them being stars, shining brightly.DSCF3444

I have a special liking for these small multi-colored leaves.DSCF3397

I only have several photos which show the leaves distinctly as starry and have grouped them together in this post.DSCF3342

They are my twinkle, twinkle little stars.

Please enjoy ūüôā

Going Up Daedunsan Mountain, South Korea

When we stepped into the cable car, we didn’t know that it would be raining for almost the rest of the day.CIMG3545

Looking up at the Daedunsun mountain, the mountain top was covered with mist and even a bit mystical.CIMG3542

The cable car was crowded with tourists as we made our ascent. You can hardly squeeze your camera through the crowd.DSCF3404

Didn’t know that these few shots through the glass window of the cable car would be¬†my last few shots in the dry that day.DSCF3405

The mountain slope was covered in bright colors. The fact that these shots were taken from the moving cable car mean that the foliage may not be in focus, but the colors and the mood are still there.

We were met by rain when we alighted at the mountain top. . . . . .  we did not have the rain gears with us!

Will share some of the photos taken in rain in a later post.

Autumn Burned Brightly in South Korea

Two quotes come to mind.

‚ÄúAutumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.‚ÄĚ – Faith Baldwin.

In the picture below, a torch seemed to have flung to the trees, starting a fire.DSCF3363

The second quote is by Emily Bronte.

‚ÄúEvery leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree‚ÄĚ – Emily Bronte.DSCF3361

While walking up Naejangsan, every where we saw was red in color.DSCF3367DSCF3315DSCF3316

Autumn Colors in Hokkaido, Japan (2)

It is always delightful travelling in the country side of Hokkaido, Japan.

The impression and mood in the previous post are quite different from what I experienced in South Korea. Perhaps, the sceneries and settings in different countries do convey different moods.018

The image here was taken not far from the previous picture.  It still shows the same steep mountains and  the waterfall.

However, in the foreground, it also shows the rapids along with the fall foliage on the banks of the river.

Again, an enchanting view that remains for a long time in my memory!

Autumn Colors in Hokkaido, Japan

Think you must by now bored with my series of posts on fall foliage in  South Korea.

As a change of scenery, I am taking you to Hokkaido, Japan.012

The picture was taken some years ago. It was Autumn, some of the leaves were still green; some orange in color and floating out on branches.

In the background were  hills and a waterfall.

Again, another artistic impression of Autumn in a picturesque manner!