Wall – Lung Yuk Tau

Late last year, I had a good stroll around Lung Yuk Tau, in the rural northern part of Hong Kong.DSCF0438

There were many interesting sights; the most beautiful of which were the ancestral halls.

Here is an example of the beautiful walls to one of the ancestral halls.

I like the colorful tiles on the walls, the ridges of the tiled roofs and the eaves too.

Please enjoy πŸ™‚


32 thoughts on “Wall – Lung Yuk Tau

  1. I love seeing your pictures, Mr. Lai. I rarely have time to reply (I’ve been moving from one state to another), but I always look at them. They are Good Medicine for the heart. *smile*

    • I like photographing walls and other architectural details in my travels, you will find some of these if you type Wall in the search box of my blog, surely, I will be uploading more of these in due course!

  2. Just, mysterious, intriguing,… “Great Asian Art”….. That so many curves, and apparently over elaborated designs, says a lot about the over creativity of “Asian Mind”. One can see also some “Asian Arts”, where it domains is emptiness, almost total lack of design, extreme simplicity, that’s a counter part, says a lot too. “Minds…minds,….and minds”, and “the global language of Arts”.

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