Top 15 Prettiest Places You Should Visit In New York

Have visited New York a few times, but never realized that there are so many interesting places to visit – all well covered by Virginia . . . . . . . .

Virginia Duran

New York is full of gorgeous, and sometimes secret, Instagram-worthy spots. I’ve picked out the 15 prettiest and most photogenic places to visit in town.

Planning a trip to New York soon? Great news, I have some sights to delight your eyes. All of them are special, pretty and even romantic. If you love architecture, you’ll likely love all of these too.

With much pleasure I start the research of my upcoming New York Architectour Guide, which is scheduled to be published by January 2021. If you have any personal favourites in the city – rich in history, cultural relevance and beauty – please let me know in the comments below. I am in search of New York’s wonderful places.

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1. Flatiron Building

Not many people know that the original building concept of a flatiron was created by…

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20 thoughts on “Top 15 Prettiest Places You Should Visit In New York

    • Yes, worth visiting. Now with the high speed rail and the bay bridge, you can visit Macau, Zhuhai and other places in China very conveniently.
      Both HK and NYC are cosmopolitan, vibrant, with tall buildings, lots of people walk on the streets ( like Manhattan ) etc. Here, we have the sea too.

    • Though I like languages, I think it would take me too long to learn Mandarin. (Or is it Cantonese in HK?) Plus the difficulty of not being able to read… Tsss.

    • I know, you are a language talent. One way to learn Chinese is only to learn phonetic Mandarin ( forgetting about the written characters and Cantonese)still, you have 4 tones to deal with. The good thing with Chinese is you dont have grammar as in many European languages. Dont have to worry about tenses and gender generally.

    • Not sure, but not as many tones as for Cantonese. Hokkien is spoken in Fujian and some parts of SE Asia but is not as widely spoken as in Mandarin or even Cantonese.

    • Yes.
      Mandarin was chosen as the country’s language as it can be learned more easily ( when compared say Cantonese) – when the country’s illiteracy was still high.
      The nation’s father Dr Suen was Cantonese but later fled to Hawaai before coming back to HK and China.

    • Interesting that Mandarin should be “easier” than Cantonese. Problem is for westerners, it is very “remote”. MInd you, I felt the same in Prague, as Czech words don’t ressemble anything I know. Slavic languages are very different. Finnish too.

    • Learning Mandarin phonetically shouldn’t be that difficult; but need a lot of efforts and practice. There are / will be portable gadgets on the market which can translate spoken language immediately!

    • Yeah. I’ve seen those gadgets in a movie. But that would kill all the charm of learning another language. Where “bai” is white, while in French “bai” is the colour of a marroon horse. 😉
      Be good Michael

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