Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine ( Through Dark Clouds )

This week’s photo challenge is Shine.

I like pictures which show a lot of contrast.3667527188_8eb00d73d2_oa

This picture taken on the eastern side of the New Territories in Hong Kong illustrates my point.

Dark clouds hung over but penetrated by colorful light.

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( = Serenity ?)

This week’s photo challenge is H2O.

I have always been fascinated by water; water in rivers, ponds, lakes, seas, in the air as rain, snow, mist or fog, for instance.14719_565283316822146_1053155327_n

Water is sometimes soft, sometimes powerful, sometimes even noisy but most of all, I like the serenity in the waters.

Here is a picture taken near to the border with mainland China.

The serenity intoxicates me.


Three Islands

I always find it pleasing to gaze out the sea with a few islands dotting on the horizon.

These three islands in Langkawi certainly appeal to me.

They are all irregularly shaped.dsc_0338

I wondered for a while why they looked so different when they are at a small distance apart from each other, sharing the same environment.

I can only thank God for their creation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge (Sea)

This week’s theme for Photo Challenge is Edge.

I like the edges to water.

This is the view in Dubrovnik over looking to the Adriatic Sea.dscf0802a

The very blue waters which pacify and cleanse my soul.

The edge to the sea is a promenade which is an ideal spot for looking to the sea or to the medieval town of Dubrovnik.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame ( Dubrovnik 2 )

This week’s photo challenge is Frame.

Many of my pictures taken in Dubrovnik are framed.

There are many picturesque views you see through small windows while walking the Dubrovnik seawalls.DSCF0923

Some of the architecture and arches appear to frame the subject so well too.

The picture was captured while walking the sea walls of Dubrovnik.

I would describe it as frame within frame.

It looks as if the old town and the sea was reviewed frame by frame.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( By the Sea in Hokkaido )

Woke up in the morning and found it was misty.

Got out of the hotel and walked as far as I could.

Came to a river estuary where the river meets the sea.004

The place was completely quiet apart from the occasional quacks of the wild ducks.

I sat on the pebble protected shallow beach, watching the ducks.006

By now more ducks have moved out from the beach; I presumed that they didn’t like me the stranger.

I admired how blissful these ducks were and have the place almost completely to themselves – except for the intrusion of this stranger.