Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy ( Fragrant Hill Park, Beijing)

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We were in Beijing three years ago and have the opportunity to visit the Fragrant Hill Park and Mountain.

It was Autumn and Beijing was , as forever, always hazy.

The haze gives a dreamy feel, but this feeling is not due to the haze alone.DSCF2742

We passed by this beautiful which has all the ingredients of a beautiful picture: colored foliage in the hills, weeping willow near the water edge, a peaceful like with lily pads, a Chines style pagoda with red columns, reflection in the water.DSCF2748

The weeping willows reminded me of the willows I saw elsewhere, like those in West Lake, China or those by the side of River Cam in Cambridge, UK. They all look like a curtain of green leaves hanging them, unveiling the tranquility in front of your eyes.DSCF2752

Also by the lake were pine trees, they look so much in harmony with the whole scene.DSCF2767

Not far from this lake was a water feature with stones specially placed in an artistic manner which is not uncommon in Chinese garden designs.

All these looked dreamy to me, the haze definitely added to it.

So we sat down by the lake and dreamed and dreamed all day.