Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

The Photo Challenge of the Daily Post this week is Refraction.

This is a photo which I have not shown to anyone.

Not many people can understand what is shown in the photo without any explanation.055

This is what you see when you view down the clear calcium rich waters of the lakes in Jiuzhaigou, China.

This is also a perfect example of Refraction ( this is not to be confused with reflection which some people have submitted for this photo challenge).

When I studied physics in high school, I understand that when a wave travels through medium of different refraction index, its speed of travel changes according to the medium, this is detectable when say, light (as a wave), travels in water and air etc.

The picture shows not only fishes in the clear water but also tree trunks which have fallen into the water. The tree trunks look bent from their original straight alignment when immersed in the lake water – a good example of refraction.

If you look directly over the lake water, the bottom is the lake appear shallower, again, a result of refraction.

The Daily Post asks us to show a picture to show our understanding of refraction; this is perhaps the best example that I can give!