Milky Way – Photo from the Desert of Namibia

You may be able to see the Milky Way very clearly if you stay up late in the desert of Namibia, Africa,

This is what my wife has done while she was in the desert in Namibia a couple of days ago.

The complete darkness in the desert helps you to see clearly the stars.IMG_2028 (2)

Here you can admire the vastness of our Universe and the greatness of the Creator.

Those who have been following my blog may probably know the reason for me not being able to accompany my wife to this trip of a lifetime.

I don’t think I can go away while being a care giver.

47 thoughts on “Milky Way – Photo from the Desert of Namibia

  1. My heart smiled when you said you were staying back to be a care giver – and i know u know – but many good things will come your way when u make such sweet investments of love!
    And cool that one can see the Milky Way here – wow

  2. I have often wondered why so many of your wonderful photos are from other peoples’ cameras. Good luck to you with this labor of love. And thank you for having such a gracious heart to share your wife’s adventures — with her and with us!

    • As a care giver, I have to stay home and not able to participate in long trips. The photos I share are usually from my wife, my sister in law or my classmates – they all are good photographers.

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