Weekly Photo Challenge: One (Nature)

This week’s Photo Challenge is One.

All the images here just focus on One subject; they are all part of nature.DSCF1581

You will love this bird standing before the mirror – possibly it was checking whether it looked pretty. There is only one bird, one mirror image!DSCF0670

This is the one scorpion that you have always wanted to avoid or hate.DSCF1680

I like this tree frog that just clanged effortlessly to a tree branch.DSCF1898

It is never easy to photograph a dragonfly; but it seems that it was somewhat tired.DSCF1390

One baby owl nestled on the tree trunk.CIMG1063

This is the only monkey among the whole tribe that has jumped into the water to take a bath; it was looking at me to make sure that I am only shooting (with a camera)!CIMG0540

This serpent was basking itself under the sun at the shore of Lake Barrine in Australia.DSCF0376

It was a bit of struggle to get this salamander photographed as it was clawing quite fast on the hillside of Plitvice Lake in Croatia.

Nature is always so interesting!

PS First four photos were all taken in Botswana; courtesy of my sister-in-law, Jennie.