82 comments on “Autumn in Shirakawa-Go, Japan

    • We were fortunate to be there at the right time. With global warming, the weather is becoming more unpredictable. Thanks very much for visiting and following my blog. I like your blog too, especially the “sleeping dinosaur” photo.

  1. I understand that the night scene looks wonderful too. I wonder whether there are skiing facilities in the winter as the snow is thick and powdery.
    Did you have to stop in Tokyo and take a train ? I have found that the flight schedule from HK to Japan is not convenient and two days are ‘wasted’ just to get to/from the airport.

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    • Your picture taken at a high level of the Shirakawa-go is just lovely. I would like to take a similar photo when I am there next time. I guess winter there would also be lovely!

    • All I needed was a far away view of the Shirakawa-go village similar to what is depicted in photo of Wikimedia Commons. However, I know I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for the kind comment🙂

  3. Autumn is my favorite time of the year I think and these pictures remind me why. The houses sound fascinating–it says a lot about tried and true building methods that continue to hold up. A truly beautiful place-I loved all the images here-but the picture of the house and paddy field does look like a painting-

    • You may also want to see these A-frame houses under heavy snow when the whole village is pure white. Someday, I will be back in Shirakawa-Go on a snowy day! Thanks for the perusal and the comment🙂

  4. So beautiful with the autumn colours – thanks for sharing. I spent Christmas day there, about 6 years ago. Thick snow on the roofs, hot rice wine by a heater, and almost no-one there!

    • Winter is the season when I would like to be back at Shirakawa-Go; I’m sure you had an unforgettable experience there. Thank you for the kind comment:-)

  5. The momiji red Japanese Maple leaves are definitely a very unique and stunningly beautiful color. I never had any idea just how colorful autumn could be until I visited Japan. The timing of my visit to Shirakawa-go wasn’t as good as yours – I saw more colored leaves going over the mountains en-route to the village than I saw while I was there – but it is a place that I would like to visit again some autumn.

    • Hi, I would like to visit it again when it is snowing; hopefully it won’t be too cold in the Winter. Thank you for the perusal and kind words🙂

  6. Thank you so much for these pictures of a paradise on earth. I had no idea Japan is so colorful in the fall. How little I know about our Asian neighbors! Hmmm…. I’m glad I can learn through your blog here.

  7. Could you please tell me the exact date you went? Btw, Shirakawa-go is most beautiful in winter; I stayed 1 night there on late January last year. I also had a 1 day visit there again this year in April.

  8. Bonjour Michael,
    magnifiques photos. Nous avons nous aussi, dans le nord de l’Amérique, au CANADA, de magnifiques couleurs tout comme les vôtres. Nous sommes actuellement au temps de toute cette palette de couleurs que la nature nous offre. Peut-être qu’un jour vous aurez le désir de venir nous visiter pour les admirer.
    Bienvenue au CANADA.

    • Bonjour Ghislaine, hope I can respond in French – however, I only learn it for one year and will not be able to do so. many thanks for liking the post and the greetings from Canada. Merci🙂

  9. Hi , which date/month in autumn did you go? Cos normally those autumn dates that i go , the leaf already drop.

  10. Hello Mr. Lai🙂

    After reading I was impressed and decided to post it to my blog.
    I’m writing this to let you know that a few of your pics would be used there.

    Thank you for a great post and nice pics!

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  12. Hello
    It’s wonderful pictures.
    What is the best month to go Shirakawa-go for the autumn leaves? I will plan to go there November 10th, 2015


  13. Oh Michael, your photos of Shirakawa-go look so good! I had booked to stay in one of the farm houses but I changed my mind and instead plan to do the journey up the alpine pass, staying at Murudo- maybe I shouldn’t have changed my plans?

    • They are quite different and have different things to see especially depending on the season. You can also search my post on Tateyama Kurobe which I believe is the alpine pass on my blog.

  14. HI Michael,

    Me and wife plan to stay in TAKAYAMA/MATSUMOTTO region and cover Shirakawa-go and interesting places during ( Nov 20 – 23) . This is our first time in Japan. Will there be autumn colors in the region or snow . Do you advise to cover the area during November , 2015.


  15. Here is my foliage plan..in Nov,2015.Flights already booked.

    15-17:Hiroshima/Miyajima Island
    18-21:Kyoto/Arashiyama/Hozu Valley/Nara/Osaka

    —- If there is no fall or snow in Takayama/Matsumotto I will have to look for some productive sites-

    21 – 23) : Since I am covering Enough fall would you recommend any other terrain .

    • First snow fall in Shirakawago in the past

      27 Oct 2010

      21 Nov 2011

      14 Nov 2012

      25 Nov 2013

      It doesn’t mean the place will be covered by snow after first fall as morning sun will melt the snow.
      It is rather difficult for me to suggest where to go.

  16. I have visited Shirawakago in the Fall. It’s totally awesome. Thanks for your words of encouragement. for my revived blog. Really appreciated.

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