46 comments on “Langkawi – The Idyllic Island

  1. Langkawi, unlike Phuket Island and Penang’s coast is not as commercialised , giving you a lot of breathing space. You can be the only one in the beach during the day.
    I understand that one could easily take up retirement there. Recent seminar was held in HK to encourage people to go there for retirement.

  2. In Malaysia, there is a second home retirement scheme which gives you entitlement to residency status. Not sure whether you can actually buy property in Langkawi if you are not a local. In any case, you can only sell in the secondary market and difficult to get your money out of Malaysia.

  3. You have a definite talent for photography. The exposure compensation for the white sand beach shot was nearly perfect. Not very many photographers have an adequate understainding on how to compensate as was required to get the most out of this scene.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are all excellent photos and if I had the money to travel so far, I’d go there for a visit on the strength of your photos alone. Those are some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. We like Langkawi so much that we are thinking of going there again. Driving there is also quite easy and safe.

  5. It certainly looks idyllic. I would love to see some of Thailand and the Far East, but as you saw today, have to focus a bit nearer home. (I can hardly complain, can I?) Tavira Island is a sand spit so I’m well used to sandbars. Thanks for your visit.

    • This island has always lured us back. Driving around is easy and that gives us the opportunity of viewing many beautiful places dotted around the island.

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog! We were lucky to have missed the seasonal monsoon and the rain which could be torrential at times.

    • Thanks for the “Like” on the post! As a non-native English speaker, actually, I did look up in the dictionary to make sure it is the word.

  6. I’d never heard of Langkawi! It looks fabulous… I went to Thailand last year – Bangkok, which is amazing, I loved it there – & Phuket, which is beautiful, I loved it too, especially out of season when there weren’t many tourists there xd

    Thanks for reading my travel blog🙂
    Are you on Twitter or Instagram?

    • You need a flight or a ferry trip to Langkawi. Langkawi’s beach is ranked one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Unfortunately, I am not on Twitter or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it!

  7. wow! You have really captured the beauty of Langkawi!! One of the best beaches and islands we have. I have never written about my own country as much maybe because I when I started blogging, I have already moved away.

    Have you been to Perhentian, Redang, Tioman or East Malaysia?

    • Hi, unfortunately, I still have not been to the places you mentioned, although I have been to Langkawi a couple of times. Regards, Michael

  8. I totally agree with you.. Langkawi is beautiful.. it has an extra ordinary attraction within.. whic drags people to revist t small island. in our recent visit we stayed in TAJ REBAK ISLAND RESORT, I donno if it is a 5 star resort, but its one of its kind, very near to langkawi airport, the resort itself is in an island and its so beautiful ,calm and peaceful with warm friendly staff. I would highly recommend the place. check it out..!!

  9. I got stung by a jellyfish (on my forearm) when I was in Langkawi and it made me nervous to go back in the water. It really hurt! But it’s otherwise a beautiful place and I look forward to returning (my partner is from Malaysia and we go back there every few years to visit family)

  10. Hi Michael,

    I loved your pictures of Langkawi, it looks really beautiful. I am glad that you had a great time and I definitely agree that it is an ‘idyllic’ island. If you get the opportunity in the future, I would highly recommend a visit to the islands on the east coast of Malaysia as well (Redang, Perhentians, Kapas, Tioman, Rawa, Aur, Dayang and Lang Tengah). They are bit challenging to get to but worth the travel. Due to less development compared to their western island counterparts, the east coast islands have really beautiful views, blinding white sands, turquoise crystal clear waters and amazing lush coconut trees. I hope you get a chance to go and experience the islands of the east coast.

    Thanks for sharing your travel experiences on Langkawi and I wish you all the best. Have a lovely day!!!


    • I have always wanted to go to the East Coast (eg. Terengganu) and have heard of Tioman. Thanks for the information on the other islands, I will keep them in mind and may go there if I have the chance. Transport to there would be a challenge as you indicated. Regards, Michael

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