Inside the Mongolian Yurt

Some readers requested to see the interior of the Mongolian yurt.

As indicated in my previous post, the inside is pretty basic.

It has a bed, a small table, an overhead lamp, no TV, a poorly furnished bathroom with cold water supply but didn’t seem to have facilities for shower, no windows but there was a ventilation opening protected from direct wind and sandĀ  – that’s about all.

There is a picture which I want to share with you all.DSCF2200

The inside space was column free and I was wondering what holds up the roof.

The image shows many curved members meeting at a top carved timber ringĀ  – this is the meeting point or node where these members meet together. The walls and roof are supported off these curvilinear members.

Sorry that I do not have any more photos showing the interior, as I didn’t even consider it worthwhile taking any photos apart from the fantastic roof design!