Trees at Kurobeko, Japan

As part of our “Alpine” travel to Mount Tateyama in Japan, we took a cable car from Daikanbo (2316m above sea level) to Kurobeko (1455m above sea level)¬†and descended to somewhere near the Kurobeko reservoir.

We have a good stroll around the reservoir until we approached the dam.

There, we stopped briefly. The views around the reservoir was beautiful and I took a particular liking to the trees.DSC_0156A

It was almost winter, the only trees that still have leaves remaining have a striking yellowish golden color. They look great against a dark winter background of hills and rocks.

Don’t think they are ginkgo trees but they look stunning. There was a sharp contrast between the color of the leaves to the melancholy background.DSC_0159

Can’t resist photographing them. Filled with awe, I took some far way views with the snow-capped mountain and the colorful trees.

Also took some close-ups of the trees with the reservoir buildings as the background.DSC_0157

So, it was an odyssey to the mountains of Tateyama that one will never forget.