That Day We Floated Down the River in a Bamboo Raft

I can still vividly remember the very cold day when we took a ride on a bamboo raft along the Nine Bend river by the side of WuYi Mountain, China.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were on the raft. The rain was whipping on us and we were shivering all over.

We picked a bad time to be on the river – we didn’t have the heart at all to appreciate the scenery on both sides of the river.

All we wanted was the raft trip to be ended as soon as possible.

The weather changed for the better in the afternoon when we climbed high up on the mountains.CIMG0287

Gazing down below, we saw four rafts on the  meandering river, an orange colored pavilion roof and steep mountains with trees on both sides.

The mist was still thick and was cascading down to the river.

It was a wet and cold day – a day to remember!

PS  I have also posted on this blog my travels to WuYiShan which included this ride on the raft. Interested readers are welcome to peruse it.

68 thoughts on “That Day We Floated Down the River in a Bamboo Raft

  1. Those mountains are … I can’t think of the right word, Michael. I’ve never seen the naked rock of a mountain before: every other one still has topsoil at least on it … To see the absolutely bare mountainside is quite extraordinary! You have had some amazing travels …

    • Quite true, the mountains look quite bare, although some small amount of yellowish vegetation could still survive on the slopes without much topsoil – that was interesting. Thank you M.R.!

  2. Even if it wasn’t a lovely day, this is certainly a memorable story! The weather gods don’t always smile on travelers, but sometimes in adversity we can find something interesting.

  3. It must have been really cold and miserable for you guys not to appreciate the weather! At least the weather got better as you went up the mountains – or it would’ve been a very slippery and maybe dangerous journey up to the top. Great shot from the top 🙂

    • Weather can just be so variable. We started off the day as being very misty but there were no signs of heavy rain and therefore we’re not prepared for it. As you say, we were lucky that there was no rain in the afternoon! Regards, Michael

    • Oh my! Viveka, this is something I have never dreamed of when I started blogging – 203 likes in 12 hours of posting. Sometimes, I thought my time can be more usefully spent than blogging, but how I can ever think of quitting when there is so much support from readers!

    • Michael, so true, with blogging it comes responsibility too … but it all down to us how we handle the blogging. I think you have a very healthy blogging schedule – and you don’t have to like everything we post. *smile

    • Michael, blogging should be somehing we really like to do when we do it – when it’s become a MUST, we should take a break. I really hope that you keep on blogging .. in whatever form you does it.

    • Take a blogging break … only tell your followers – because blogging can be so stressful. We will all be here when you return. *smile

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