Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Luk Keng, Hong Kong)

In my hiking, sometimes, I walked through the village of Luk Keng, before heading uphill.

Many a time, I passed by this ancestral hall which is beautifully adorned, with writings on all three sides of the door.CIMG5691

As for the Jie O one which I showed in another post, the doors have door guards, this time gold ain color.

And below the door guards, are a couple of lion door handles.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Luk Keng, Hong Kong)

    • While personally I like these pictures but they are not getting the many Likes as my other photos used to get.Anyway, I will continue to show what I like to share. Regards, Michael

    • I can’t believe it’s the pictures causing the slump. I’ve noticed a drop myself and my Intermission stories are usually the most popular. I think, as the song goes, “summertime…and the livin’ is easy…” (at least it is here – what season are you in now?)

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