Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( China)

Screen doors or windows are quite common in China.

We were up in the mountains of Zhangzhejia, China.

In fact, we got into a  restaurant and trying to stay there as long as possible as a heavy fog has set in.007

I have nothing to do and naturally grapped my camera and took a shot out of the screen window.

My visibility was only a few feet; all I could see was some trees just outside the window.

The second picture was a casual shot outside a temple in Yunnan.DSCF2873

There was a long grid of red columns outside the temple.

Also, there was a grid of squares up on the roof, all artistically painted.

The third picture shows a grid of screen doors in the Hanging Temple in Datong.DSCF2448

These doors are very old but not adequately maintained.

The fourth picture was again taken in Yunnan.

We were having tea in a tea house overviewing Lijiang.

The view outside the screen windows was just beautiful.DSC_0179

The fifth picture was taken in Luoping.

This shows a display of various types of screens in a typical Chinese room commonly found at the time.DSCF3025

The last one was taken within a temple which we stopped by in the Three Gorges cruise trip.

The picture shows the grid of columns supporting the temple roof, as well as the grid of patterns on the colorful roof.DSCF6255


From these pictures, it could be seen that the Oriental type of grid can be quite different from the Western ones.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid (Luxor)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Grid.

Here is another photo taken in Egypt in Year 2000.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

As someone who likes architecture and spatial distribution, I think this pictures illustrates very well the perspective of a series of columns and lintels in the ancient city of Luxor.

I also like the blend in the family of colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( Egypt)

This week’s photo challenge is Grid.

Many of my photos taken in Egypt are lost.

Some of them remain but have only been scanned to a low resolution.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Here is a photo of the Trajan’s Kiosk on Philae Island on the Nile.

To me, it is like a three dimensional grid.

Hope one day, I will revisit this place again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime ( Luxor, Egypt)

<This post contains 2 photos >

My mind was filled with images of giant ancient columns, ancient Egyptian inscriptions, colossal statutes and mummies during my travels in Egypt over 13 years ago.

The night views at Luxor were fantastical too.

We gathered at this square overlooking the many giant columns in front of us.My beautiful picture

Night has just set in and the lights for illuminating the columns were just switched on.

Nobody in the square seem like leaving, they were all taken in awe with the sight of columns in front.

I thought it was a good moment to take this photo.

I continued to stay on until the place was completely dark.My beautiful picture

Giant columns have always interested me, here is another image showing light illuminated columns which have dwarfed those passing by.

These images were taken hand held with film cameras and were scanned a year ago.

Please enjoy 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (2)

There are many cisterns in Istanbul but this is the biggest ever found.  Yerebatan Sarayi, or Sunken Palace, the cathedral-sized Cistern runs beneath the entire street and some buildings. This is an underground chamber of 138 x 64.6 metres. The large space is formed by supporting a ceiling vault and arch system  by a forest of 336 marble columns. The ceiling vaults, known as Manastır Tonozu (cloister vault), are built without using a mould. From whatever angle you view, the perspective view of the columns and ceiling arches give you a very strong geometrical feel . . . . . . . . . . . .  .. . . . .