49 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Nature’s Totem Pole)

  1. Maybe for you, Michael – not for me. [grin] But even I don’t offer too many – just want to say that this remaining core from a billion-year-old and now disappeared volcano (?!) is simply beautiful. OK: now tell me how it really did come into being …

  2. As soon as I saw this photo I thought, I saw this exact pillar on my trip to Zhangjiajie! And indeed I found photos of it in my albums. I think what the guide told us was that it looked like a smiling lady with very extravagant accessories on her head 😛

  3. That looks amazing – but at the same time man made don’t you think? It looks like they’ve been quarrying the rock there and then when there was no more to be had, left that bit. I’ve seen similar things in the PH, all made by quarrying activities.

  4. http://speakingabouttravel2.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/weekly-photo-challenge-culture-2-my-yunnan-trip-9-what-is-the-totem-pole-in-yunnan/

    Your post reminded me of my earlier post about totem pole in Yunnan. It is really amazing that toten poles exist in different parts of the world, not only in Americas. I bought a few books on totem pole but none said anything about totem poles in China. Your picture is even more intereesting. I had been to Zhanzhejia but did not see this wonder. Did you gather any information about this natural wonder? It looks like it is wood instead of stone. Let me see if curious mind will find out more about this phenomenon.

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